It's been a big month here in Sleepwalkersland. 

First of all, I GOT MARRIED! It was simply amazing and I am overjoyed to be hitched to my wonderful partner Jenna. 

Then, Chris Sies, in from Chicago, spent some time with us at Merryland Studio, drumming his ever-loving heart out. In two days, we got four full songs and an instrumental done. Whew, what a pro! 
After going on a mini-tour of the Charlottesville, VA area as part of Smoke N Mangos, I invited old friend and former SC&S drummer Brett Abelman to come and record drums on a song I wrote all the way back in 2006 for a band that he and I were in called Grasshopper. I'm also planning on getting that band's keyboardist, Trevor Rowland, to play some piano on the track. MEMORIES, ALL ALONE IN THE MOOOONLIIIGHHT… 

Earlier this week, Michael and I did some tracking for what turned out to be the album's #1 problem child track, a little 9-minute ditty called "Bloodletting." It's turned from a song both of us more or less hated into one both of us feel is a standout moment on the record. 

And as I write this, I'm getting ready to lay some final vocal takes down. 

In short, the album is almost done. 

We'll share some with you REAL soon. 

Things grind ever onward. 

Scheduling drum recording sessions, locking in tones, replacing scratch vocals, having lots of discussions about "real space" vs "imagined space" albums. 

Thinking about what the record means, man. 


There's been a lot of recording happening in Sleepwalkersland recently. Here are some shots from inside Sam's Merryland Studios… a peek into the sessions for the next SC&S full-length.